Class Reflections

reflect1The world of feedback is here, and here to stay. Never in my life have I been involved with the comments board this much. At the beginning of the class, looking at the comments and commenting was an assignment. Throughout the course of the past four months, it has grown from an assignment to a regular, enjoyable activity.

With that being said, it is important to pick your battles. Some of the comment frays are completely garbage, but there are those which are informative and helpful. The ones I have found to be the most informative throughout the semester have been local news paper websites and op-ed columns comments. Stay away from YouTUBE clips and huge newspapers, as I found the just turned into arguments instead of talking about the articles. They can be the spot to find some good one-liners, so if your having a bad day, you may want to check them out.

One of the moments of the course I will always remember is the radio-call-in project. I had always wanted to man up and call in, and now that it was an assignment, I was finally forced to do it. Getting on the air was an experience I won’t forget. Now that I have done it before, I won’t be hesitant to call in again if a conversation sparks my interest.

If I had to do anything differently, I would have changed my approach on the story in which we wanted to elicit the most comments. Instead of asking questions, I would have made it more of an open debate. I also would 100% post the blog entry into the Twittter feed and Facebook page to get more views, hopefully leading to more comments.

Going forward in the future, I will continue to be involved in the comments board. I will always take a look at the comments, and if I’m really into a topic, will jump into the comments.


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  1. Ana

    You are using my photograph (Reflections) without attribution and without my permission.
    Could you please contact me.

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