Assignment 3B

For Assignment 3, I chose the Mike Vick story. I figured it was a topic most would have an opinion about, especially since he is about to be released from prison and looking to get back into the NFL. I tried to stay away from topics like gay marriage and abortion, fearing what would happen a year down the line when a company I applied to googles my name.

However, the Mike Vick story did not receive many comments. Only receiving 2, it seems that most do not have an opinion on the case or the topic wasn’t controversial enough. Maybe I did not entice people to comment on the story enough in terms of wording.

With that being said, to elicit more comments next time, I would absolutely post the post on my Facebook or Twitter accounts, or even both. I’m sure I could find a contingent of dog lovers on those sites ready to voice their opinions, as well as the Mike Vick following to show their support.

Maybe if I had wrote the blog entry after ESPN 360’s E-Ticket about Mike Vick’s former dogs was released, I would have got more comments as well. Anyways, check out the E-Ticket.


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