Too Close for Comfort?

Thanks to Air Force One, thousands of people close to lower Manhattan had a 9/11 flashback today when the 747 flew dangerously low. The government has since apologized for the scare, but what the hell is going on here?

There have been rumors circulating it was a photo-op to show off the 747. Some people question whether it was a so called “fake fire alarm”, seeing how fast people could evacuate with a plane being so close.

Either way the government tries to spin it, it is inexcusable. We are not test dummies, and we sure don’t need to be scared shitless every time a plane is flying overhead.

Reddit commentor provides  his insane theory:

My theory: They did this to distract Fox News for a few days while they rush through a Socialized Medicine bill and DESTROY AMERICA FOREVER.


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  1. richmccall

    This is ridiculous…the Government should know why flying so low is not a good idea. No wonder people get scared when they see a large plane flying low near the city.

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