In Big, Big Trouble

profitsThe beginning of the end started a long time ago. Now it is just a matter of time. The New York Times released their first quarter results for 2009 yesterday(If your infatuated with the old school style of print, look away).

The Times reported an operating loss 0f $61.6 million.

  • 28% ad drop year-over-year
  • Internet ad sales slipped 6.1%

Forget the saying “there is nowhere to go but up from here.” The downward trend will continue until the print publication moves to a weekly newspaper or strictly online.

Forget all the meetings newspaper reps are conducting now to strategize and organize. If they were smarter and more prepared, these would have taken place 10 years ago. Too little, too late. And now it is everyone’s problem.


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One response to “In Big, Big Trouble

  1. richmccall

    That’s pretty scary. Looks like the printed news is screwed. It’s also kinda surprising that even the internet advertising is down too.

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