How do they Do It?

homer_runningFirst off, congratulations to all the runners who completed the 26-mile Boston Marathon today. Regardless if you finished the journey in 2 hours or  10 hours, it is quite an accomplishment.

Secondly, how do these marathoners do it? Running at that pace for such a long distance is unbelievable. I have trouble driving my car 26 miles without getting tired.

The marathon got me and my roommate into a bet though. We have a deal in place to challenge each other to run 26 miles in a month. I know the marathoners only get a day to do it, but whatever. The first person to complete the 26 miles will get 26 bucks.


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One response to “How do they Do It?

  1. samares1

    I think thats a good bet. I mean its not like either of you are professional marathon runners. I think its a good challenge. Best of luck with winning the 26 bucks.

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