Would you like some Comments with that?

compFrom the Top 10 badass umbrellas on a rainy day, to students poisoning a teacher’s coffee, to a feud between Mexico and Burger King, the comment conversation may not have been highly intellectual but at least it was a little fun.

Generally, I don’t like to comment on stories or give my opinion so this was kind of like “forced feedback” for me. Maybe that is just my introversion coming out, but I’d rather read the article and take in everyone else’s perspective because I already know what mine is.

Therefore, I found myself searching for stories that were a lot easier to comment on, a la the comical stories. Instead of reading CNN or the Boston Globe for important news stories of the day, I was checking out Reddit, Digg, and YouTube for stories containing funny headlines.

One of the funniest stories I got into the comment fray on was a story of two middle school students putting poison into their teacher’s coffee cup. The poisonous syrup induced vomiting and forced the teacher to be rushed to the hospital. The two students were arrested, and ultimately expelled from the school.

The comment board was filled with mix reviews about the situations. Some felt it was the teacher’s fault for continuing to drink the coffee even though she knew the students were by the desk and there was some type of syrup in there. Take a look at this comment:

wtf are you talking about it said she saw the kids near her desk BEFORE she drank her coffee and just pointed the kids out to the cops. imma guess she did drink it.
I responded to this comment by saying:
Even if the students were at her desk, she should not have to worry about them putting poison into her coffee. For you to blame this on the teacher is ridiculous. Were you one of those students that blamed your poor grades on the teacher too?
Sidenote (I would post the links to these comments, but wordpress is having a problem with Safari browser and won’t allow links to be posted. I even left a comment about that!)
The guy or girl was not happy with my comment and left another comment that might not be suited for the blog, but I’ll just leave it at that.
The story did remind me of another occurrence of poisoning when I was in high school. For April Fool’s Day, a student from my high school left a batch of brownies in the teacher’s office. A very nice gesture for sure. However, they were made with the stool softener EX-Lax. The principal and staff were none to happy, but never found out who the student was for repercussions. (Don’t worry journalism office, it was not me.)
Overall, it was interesting to get into the comments barrage. Not only did commenting on the stories provide me with more insight, but it also brought up old memories for me. I can’t say that I will be leaving 15-20 comments a day on stories, but I will get involved more often on certain topics that spark my interest.

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  1. “Maybe that is just my introversion coming out, but I’d rather read the article and take in everyone else’s perspective because I already know what mine is.”

    This is a fairly common feeling, Kevin, but if the stats on our Web sites are right, more and more people every day are getting comfortable with leaving comments. And the line between comfortable and addicted to is pretty thin.

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