What to do with Mike Vick?

michael-vick1Every football fan is aware of the situation. Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is expected to be released from prison on July 20th, 2009(or earlier if state trial goes his way).

Vick served a year and a half for operating Bad Newz Kennelz, a dog fighting program designed to force pitbulls to fight to the death. Gruesome details emerged from the story that if one of Vick’s pitbulls lost a fight, he would have the dog doused in water and electrocuted.

Now that he has served his punishment, the question becomes whether the former franchise quarterback will play in the NFL. He is expected to meet with commissioner Roger Goodel shortly after he is released about re-instatement, which he most likely receive.

The question becomes: What team is willing to take the risk?

Vick has stated he is a changed man from the incident, and ready to make the right decisions.

When I get out of jail, I already have a construction job working for $10 an hour. I hope I can prove to the people I’m ready to do the right things. When it comes time for a decision on the NFL, I hope everything works out.

If I am the owner of a team with a need for a quarterback, I sign Michael Vick. I understand the bad press and the animal rights protests that will take place outside the stadium, but the NFL is a business just like anything else.

When a team has success, problems push to the back-burner. Michael Vick will bring wins to any team he plays for. Winning cures problems. I am not supporting or advocating what Vick did in the past, but everyone deserves a second chance.

Now, my question is for you: What is your stance on the Vick situation? Would you want him playing for your team? Do you have any problem becoming a fan of him again? Or, do you completely despise the man for his actions and crushing the dreams of millions of kids that looked up to him?



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3 responses to “What to do with Mike Vick?

  1. Would I want him on my team? Absolutely not. Hurting animals like that is on par with steroids in that his actions were not kosher with the behavior that athletes on major contracts should follow.

  2. dstaplet

    I think that what he did is absolutely disgusting, and I would certainly not support him going back to the NFL. I hope he never becomes succesful again, and I hope he continues having to pay for his mistakes. For many, however, morals disapear as soon as money is involved. So I’m sure teams will put his actions aside as long as he makes them money.

  3. Rich

    thats horrible…he should be held in prison longer, no animal deserves that. They should throw him into a cage filled with all the angry pitbulls so he knows what its like. And on Deanna’s comment, its sad but NFL teams know he can play football well so if they think he’ll help their team, (although i’m sad to say) they’ll sign him. But it all depends on what Roger Goodell decides on his reinstatement. Hopefully not.

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