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jakes-2The restaurant I chose to review is Jake’s Seafood. Jake’s has been voted the best restaurant south of Boston three out of the last four years. It provides friendly service with delicious food.

Looking through the other reviews, most people seemed to agree it is one of the best places to order seafood. The seafood is caught locally on the water the restaurant overlooks, and they also have a fish shop at the entrance where you can purchase fresh seafood to take home and cook.

Here is the review I wrote:

Located in a quiet area right on the water, Jake’s is an unbelievable place  if your looking for a delicious seafood dish. I have been to Jake’s five times over the last few summers and have not been disappointed once. My favorite dish is the clams casino. It is perfectly cooked and the clam slides off the shell. If your looking for a few good appetizers, the spicy calamari is awesome. The portions are very good sized, making sure you get your money’s worth. The only problem with Jake’s is they close down from November through April.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great. It combines friendly service with a well decorated shipyard type look, overlooking the water. I definitely recommend Jake’s if your looking for good food, good service, and good fun.


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