In Bad Taste?

After watching Barack Obama live on Jay Leno the other night, I knew there would be backlash from his controversial comment. When speaking about his bowling performance of a 129, he referred to it as “being like the Special Olympics.”

Personally, I think the comment was in bad taste, but I’m not going to dwell on it. Understandably, he is the supposed to be the leader of our country and show some responsibility, but everyone makes mistakes! It was probably the only interview that has not been scripted for him in the last two and a half years.

When looking through the comments on YOUTUBE, some people were outraged and some were willing to forgive and forget.

I got involved with some comments, willing to forgive Obama for his slip-up. Here is what I wrote:

“People need to relax and let the comment slowly drift away. It was an unfortunate slip-up, and he has apologized and admitted his mistake. He was on the Leno show trying to be “just another person” and was trying to have a good time, showing a sense of humor. It was in poor taste, but the comment was not evil-minded or pre-planned to bash the Special Olympics.”

Here is some feedback I got from mrbluejet:

Thats not humor jackass ! I guess if you don’t have a special-needs kid you wouldn’t understand.

Now, go stick your head back up your ass!

Looks like some people are never going to forgive him, and he already may have lost some votes for next election, if he decides to run again. Where is his damage control party? I think he needs to stay out of the spotlight for a while, skipping his appearances on Leno or filling out an NCAA Bracket for ESPN. Please, just don’t go on the Don Imus or Howard Stern shows.

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  1. dstaplet

    I agree with you that he didn’t have bad intentions, he was just trying to be funny and be a “regular person”, but c’mon, the president can’t say things like that! He offended half the U.S. population, I can’t believe he let a joke like that slip out of his mouth!

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