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commentsAfter finishing this assignment, my perspective on comments changed completely. At first, I thought comments were just posted to major stories or controversial stories. After going through sites and trying to find things to comment on, you can comment on just about anything!

From news stories, sports stories, jokes, pictures, videos, profiles, etc. Everything is able to be commented on now! Maybe that is the number one thing we were supposed to learn in this class. The rise and effect comments have on journalism.

From my experiences with the comments, I posted on controversial stories, sports stories and videos from the Globe, Reddit, ESPN, and YOUTUBE. I chose stories that I had an actual interest in and thought had importance to me. The videos I commented on were things I thought were funny.

As I went through and checked back on my comments, it was cool to find that REDDIT actually grades comments. It became a personal battle for me to try and get the highest grades I could, but the best I got was a 7. Outside of that, I didn’t receive much feedback from my comments. Perhaps I needed to be more controversial, and reply to other people’s comments rather than just the story itself. I think I needed to be more aggressive and made attacking comments, because they seem to get the most attention. Nobody is looking to respond to judgments about the topic.

It was the first time I have actually commented on stories, so it was a bit different. Generally after checking out a story, I will briefly scroll through the comments for a few laughs and a little bit of some insight from the outside audience. I can’t say I will continue to comment on stories because most of it seems like back and forth arguments over trivial matters. Other than that, it was an interesting way to get involved with the piece.

Here are the comments..Have to post links because the inserts aren’t working..


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