Letter to the Editor – Part II


And the legacy of Taxachusetts continues. Governor Deval Patrick has just passed a bill increasing tolls and gas tax fees. Maybe with some of the extra money they can finally fix the potholes that send cars speeding out of control. 
Anyways, I wrote to the Boston Herald regarding the story:
Being a regular Massachusetts Turnpike user, I find the news of Governor Patrick’s toll increase absolutely unnecessary. Driving from Palmer to Boston and back every two weeks, it costs me six dollars. With the increased toll prices as well as Patrick’s recent increase on the gas tax, it will cost me ten dollars just to use the Turnpike. 
With the expected toll increases, perhaps they can finally fix the potholes that stricken the Turnpike. If I’m going to be paying ten dollars, I don’t want to have to be on the edge of my seat trying to avoid them the whole drive. At least I can ride safely and comfortably. Or, perhaps they can setup a system where the Turnpike Authority can come and fix popped tires for free with all the new money they will be getting. 
Kevin Clerkin,
Amherst MA
I’ll keep it updated if it gets published. 

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