Slumdog Millionaires Cast Still Living in Slums

slumdogWhen a movie wins the Oscar for best picture of the year, grosses over $100 million dollars, you would expect the actors and actresses to be living in their mansions with their ferraris parked in the garage. 

Unfortunately for some of the cast-members of the Bollywood film “Slumdog Millionaires”, they are still living in their run-down shacks scraping for food and clean water. 

The characters who played the roles of Latika and Jamal as younger kids are stuck in the slums of Mambia. Perhaps now more than ever, their lives are distorted because of the success and attention they received. Now, they are faced with the reality of living in the slums once again. 

As we all sit in our comfortable movie chairs for a few hours to watch the film, their lives are the film. We use it as a feel good story to make our day a little better, they use it as a way to portray their lives. 

When the cast-members were paid, there was no way to determine how well the movie would do. The children were paid their initial salary, and director Danny Boyle set up a fund for schooling when they reached 18. The parents of these children feel now the compensation is not enough. 

After reading some comments from the story, there are mixed feelings on whether the kids should be paid more. 


Brilliant, I guess we’re going to see a hell of a lot more slum movies, then. After all, you only have to pay them relative to the shit wages available to them.


From the other side: 


Danny Boyle has brought more recognition to Mumbai through his self-interest than decades of million dollar awareness programs and charity donations.

Danny Boyle took a risk, and it paid off. He didn’t know that it would make $100 million. At the time he actually paid the actors, the movie hadn’t even come out yet. How can you fault him?

You f***ing communist.

Looking at this from a different angle, how does this affect the profession of acting? If kids from the slums with no acting experience can win best picture of the year, it just goes to show there is acting everywhere, proving that the profession is grossly overrated as well as paid.


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