Letter to the Editor

moeny-tree1There has been a debate in the Boston Globe about the current state of the University of Massachusetts’ financial budget. After reading responses from a UMass professor and UMass graduate, I felt it would make sense to provide prospective from a current student.

Here is what I wrote:

Being a current student here at the University of Massachusetts, it is frustrating receiving e-mails on the current state of the budget and projected financial cuts from the administration.

At current time, to cover the costs of the cuts, the school is planning on increasing fees and accepting more students. Parents and students are now faced with the burden of spending more money for the same education. Faculty and staff will have to accommodate for a larger amount of students, with less resources. How can this work?

Poor decisions and the lack of education got us into this mess. Now, we are going to hinder education by overcrowding classrooms, providing less resources, while expecting to maintain the same quality.

Ultimately, the students are the ones who end up paying. Where is our bailout?

With the current budget cuts, students and parents are expected to pay higher fees next year, while the faculty will have less resources to work with. On top of all this, UMass will be accepting more students without hiring more professors!

Undeniably, the budget cuts are going to create problems for many students as well as most faculty. Programs are going to be cut. Resources will luxuries instead of necessities. It is unfortunate that education is being punished.


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