Chimpanzee Attack

chimp1 A 55-year-old woman became the victim of a brutal chimpanzee attack in the state of Connecticut on Friday. Charla Nash went to help her friend Sandra Herold get her chimp back into the house in the town of Stamford, when the chimpanzee lost it. Nash suffered major facial injuries to her eyes, nose, and jaw. Take a listen to the 911 call placed by Herold while watching Nash get attacked by “Travis the chimp.” 

Perhaps you have seen this chimp before. Travis, as he was known, was featured in Old Navy and Coca-Cola commercials. He also was well known in the town of Stamford for walking through the center, watering plants, and eating at the table. As domesticated as Herold thought he was, he is still a wild animal and she deserves to face criminal charges. 

After reading some of the comments on the story, I had to get involved and voice my opinion on whether Herold should be charged for the attack. Here’s what I wrote: 


Herold is 100% responsible for the attack. She was the owner of the wild animal and was taking the risk of something like this happening. As much as she felt the chimpanzee was domesticated, it is a wild animal that belongs with its own kind! When where is a dog attack, the owners face lawsuits. This case should be no different.


It stunned me the amount of comments there were completely out of line though. Have a look at this one: 


It’s sad, the chimp was shot dead. Otherwise, it could become a living proof for Darwin’s theory of evolution.


This person was actually arguing the chimpanzee did not deserve to be shot by the police, as it was a case of survival of the fittest! How ignorant do you have to be to believe that?!


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  1. Is this the same monkey that attacked its owner after he or she drugged the monkey up to have sex with? I heard that story on a morning radio show the other day…or maybe it was a joke?

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