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Silence Dogood Letters


We are now coming up on the 300-year anniversary of the Silence Dogood Letters. Benjamin Franklin’s bi-weekly letters to the New England Courant read like an archaic blog entry. As Franklin points out, he is writing every week with the help of the paper to “add entertainment.” 

Understandably, it was very difficult reading the Letters. They are written in old english, with random capitalized words like Distance, Town, Readers, Business and even Sex. Mulling through the letters, I found it tough not to begin dozing off while fighting through the boredom. 

But, there are definitely things we can take out of the Letters. At the time, newspapers were beginning to flourish. Information and entertainment were necessary, and that is exactly what the newspapers provided. As we stand today, people still like to be informed and entertained. We just need a different spectrum for journalism, and that is where the Internet comes into play. 

The job of a journalist is to entertain and inform. We can still do that, but in a different platform. Journalism is not dying, newspapers are dying. There is always going to be a need for quality, informed, un-biased journalism.


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