The Hype of 3-D

Unfortunately, this post will not be available in 3-D, so don’t reach down for your cardboard specs. 


In recent weeks though we have seen 3-D become the new craze in the technological world. From Superbowl commercials, live football games, to the new Disney Movie Monsters vs. Aliens, everybody is going 3-D. 

If you haven’t been lucky enough to see virtual 3-D yet, your missing out. It is the new era of television allowing for the audience to become part of the performance. Once the small kinks are worked out, it will be the ultimate virtual experience. 

One of the small kinks that needs to be worked out is the CARDBOARD GLASSES, highlighted by the rainbow lenses. Until they can improve on these, watching 3-D will not be cool when wearing these shades! 

But, the 3-D images these shades produce is unbelievable, so I guess it leaves everyone repeating, the juice is worth the squeeze.


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