Bill Keller and the Future of Newspapers



New York Times executive editor Bill Keller took the time to respond to questions regarding the future of the newspapers. The fact that he took to the time to respond to his audience is in fact a clear change in the shift of journalism. 

As journalist majors, we have all been told were entering a dying field. In fact, there has even been speculation that were ultimately just majoring in poverty. However, after reading Bill Keller’s Q & A, perhaps the glass maybe is just a bit more half full than most people think. 

Undoubtedly, there is always going to be a need for journalism. Back when our grandparents were youthful, print journalism was the bread and butter of the industry. Newspapers were flourishing with the amount of interest and attention they were receiving. In today’s society, our grandparents are still the only one’s who read the newspapers. Therefore, our generation has been so technologically-driven, we constantly need to be updated. The major problem is shifting from a two-dimensional platform into a three-dimensional spectrum. Internet newspapers is where the shift of journalism has occurred. The 24-hour news cycle has touched down. 

As Bill Keller points out, newspapers(either print or the web) are human run and human edited. Ultimately, there are going to be some mistakes because no human is error free. But, the main goal of journalism is to report the truth and deliver it in way to capture the audience’s attention. Newspapers and news stations need to stop clinging onto these citizen journalists and reporting their stories. For example, the Steve Jobs heart attack story from a few months ago. Somebody sitting at home in their pajamas wanted attention and reported that Steve Jobs had a heart attack, sending Apple into a 9% tailspin, while all the news stations picked up on the tabloid. That Bill, is not human error. That is lazy journalism. Check your facts, Report Later!

Overall, I enjoyed reading Bill’s Q & A and thought it provided a sense of where journalism needs to be heading. I just hope we can find a happy-medium in terms of reporting to the new generation of audiences.


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  1. I hope to find a happy medium for reporting too. I feel like by the time we graduate, journalism will still be in a state of flux with publications scattered evenly among print and web.

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