Ready for Some Futbol?

The story I liked least in David Maraniss’ Best American Sports Writing 2007 was “Ready for Some Futbol?” The reason I liked it least is because of the context and not the actual writing or the overall story. 

The Porter Cowboys are a high school from Brownsville, Texas, the southernmost city on the US Mexican Border. They were to face off against the Coppell Cowboys from North Texas in the State Championship Soccer Game. 

Being from the border of Mexico, many of their players and coaches are Mexican and speak Spanish. Every time they travel, their buses are boarded and searched for illegal drug shipments and immigrants. Although they are America citizens, it is an imposed rule that must be followed. 

While playing the State Championship Game, the fans of the Coppel Cowboys were yelling derogatory comments and slangs at the Porter team. They were holding up signs saying “USA, USA” and one that had Mexican cartoon Speedy Gonzales being squished by a foot saying “Crush Brownsville.” 

Ultimately, the underdog Porter Cowboys won 2-1, the first state championship in Porter history in any sport. 

However, I did not like the story because of the racial problems involved with it. It is unfortunate that high school students that are American citizens are being criticized and ridiculed because of their cultural background. 

I understand that their buses are checked for drugs and immigrants on suspicion, but isn’t that why we have border control? These young kids should not have to be detained and searched every time they go to a sporting event. 

Overall, the story was very good. It is just unfortunate that the Porter High School athletics program has to deal with these types of problems.


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